Service Completed: Asus RT-AC66R as an Access Point

We now have another happy Client in the Braselton, GA area!  We were able to assist with adding an Asus RT-AC66R to the opposite side of the home to improve the WiFi network range.

Asus RT-AC66R

Asus RT-AC66R

This particular router has the ability to be configured to be an access point (the routing portion is turned off) in order to expand the home owner’s wireless network.

Upon initial inspection, this home had been prewired for numerous data and voice drops.  We were fortunate to find one under a cabinet in the living room, which was a perfect location and gave us excellent coverage of the kitchen, deck, living area and upper rooms.


With the proper tools we were able to reconfigure the existing wiring and that allowed us a direct connection to the Comcast router in the basement.   One procedure that must be noted, is that after configuring the router as an access point, you must locate the IP address of the access point in order to perform administration changes.  Asus provides a utility called the Device Discovery Utility which aids in locating the IP address.  We found no problems or issues with using this program.  There are other ways of locating or finding the address of the newly configured access point, but we chose to follow their procedure.

Overall, the process took about an hour.  We shared pertinent information with our Client such as login/password for the access point, security keys for the new wireless network and the wiring that was used at the head end in the basement.

Should you find a need to expand your wireless network through your home, please contact us.  We can be reached at 770-743-4373.  We service metro Atlanta, Gwinnett, north Georgia and will even travel out of state under prearranged conditions.

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