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We had the opportunity to work at an estate in Atlanta this week.  The background is this:  Our Client had an “Integrator” come in to setup a theater, its components, infrared control and a custom Harmony Ultimate remote.  Apparently the Integrator was in over their collective heads.  We’ve seen it before and you may have, too.


This is not the standard or “norm” for those of us that know how to setup a custom theater or media room.  A good design coupled with high-end components and solid programming come together to create a seamless, turn-key system.



There was nothing out of the ordinary here.  We had a surround receiver, a blue ray player, a cable box, projector/screen and AppleTV device.  In addition, all necessary wiring was in place to support the system.  The only problem we found was a faulty HDMI cable from the Yamaha receiver to the BenQ projector.  We were able to remedy this problem by installing  a balun that carried HDMI signal over a pre-installed CAT6 cable.connect-angle

Once we had rectified the troubles, it was relatively simple to complete the setup.  ( I won’t bore you with the issues we had with the cable provider [Comcast].  They were able to provide us with reliable internet and cable TV in under 36 hours after their initial appointment.)


Sony BluRay Player

We were able to connect the Yamaha receiver, Apple TV and Sony BluRay to the Network and receive streaming media.  We then installed and programmed a Harmony Ultimate remote to control the entire system.  The final slick features included applications from Yamaha, Harmony, Apple TV, Air Play, and Sonos that can be used from an iPhone or Android enabled device.

The final touch included adding control to the lighting in the theater using Lutron’s Caseta products.


We were able to activate the dimmer switch and the Lutron Pico remote into the Harmony Ultimate remote so that the lighting in the theater can be controlled on or off, or dimmed up or down.4B-Pico_whatsnew

Our completion of the integration gave our Client the ability to utilize a dedicated home theater as a place of solitude or as a family entertainment area.  With as many as 16 seats, tiered properly for viewing, there’s not a bad seat in the house.  We used the blockbuster Avitar to test the system and had a hard time shutting it off.  It really came together to provide the total experience for the viewers.  I’m disappointed we didn’t have time to fire up the popcorn maker!

We’re proud to be able to salvage a project without having to reinvent the entire design.  It really takes some creativity sometimes to recover from another contractor’s design, but perseverance almost always prevails.

Contact us today (770-743-4373) to discuss your project.  We’ll help you design it from scratch, complete one in progress or fix one that hasn’t gone as planned.  We look forward to working with you!

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