Mad Skills Tech?

Yes! Mad-Skills-Technologies!  Why?  Because we can, we do, and we will.  Had a bad experience with someone setting up your electronics in your home?  So have we.  Ever been billed for something you didn’t want to pay for?  Us too.  Have you had a “technician” in your home that made you uncomfortable?  I hate to admit it, but so have I.  Are you confused by what needs to be done and why?  Don’t be.  Mad Skills Tech is here to alleviate all those issues.  We exist to bring you a pleasant experience and provide you with what makes you comfortable at home.

This website will help you decide which systems you’d like to have, explain what is required to get those systems and how those systems will interface in your living environment.

Let’s cover an expample: WiFi Thermostat.

So, you’d like to have a thermostat that you can control with your phone?  You want it to be smart enough to control your HVAC when nobody is around?  You want the color to match your decor, too?  Well, here’s what you have to know:

  1. What kind of HVAC system do you have? (options include “conventional or heat pump”)
  2. Will you need extra power? (sometimes this requires adding a separate wire)
  3. How will it know where to get network settings?
  4. How does your phone connect to it? (there’s probably an APP for that!)
  5. Where do you go for help? (you can roll the dice by calling tech support or you can call Mad Skills Tech…we are fluent in English)


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